Brew Day – American Wheat

I spent the day brewing up an American Wheat using the Kent’s Hollow Leg recipe from the book Brewing Classic Styles.  American Wheat beers are characterized by an obvious grainy/wheaty taste.  The hoppiness can be quite variable across the style but never overwhelming.  This is also an excellent beer to add fruit to if desired.

The back story to the name of this beer recipe, Kent’s Hollow Leg, involved a dude named Kent who could drink this beer all night and never go to the bathroom, hence his hollow leg.  I’ve never drank or brewed this beer before so its effect on my bladder are unknown at this time.  This beer “has a touch more hop character than many bottled, commercial examples on the market, but a lot les than some examples you might find.”  Zainasheff & Palmer.

Brewing this beer also gives me the opportunity to try out my new fermentation chest freezer.  Northern Brewer finally got the temperature control I needed in stock so I bought the freezer and set it up Saturday morning.  It’s currently set at an ideal temperature of 64 degrees and will hold my carboy of American Wheat beer as it ferments over the next 2 weeks or so.

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